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RC Drift Cars and Drifting Guide

Hello and welcome. This is a website about making or buying your own radio control drift car. Photos and tips to help you choose the best model. Whether it is electric, nitro, or mini, there are many types of rc drift cars you can buy from hobby shops or online stores.

R/C Drift Cars and Guide

Drifting is exciting and lot's of fun. Let's get started!

Introduction to RC Drifting
Just sharing a little about myself and tips on drifting remote control cars. Pictures, projects, videos, competition, tracks, chassis guide for the beginner and more.

RC Drift Car - How To Make
Let's take a look at pictures of a typical 1/10 electric rc drifter and talk about its various parts (chassis, tires, wheels, motors, electronics, springs, gears).

Best RC Drift Cars
Tamiya, Yokomo and HPI produce some of the best radio control bodies (RX7, Skyline, Supra, 350z, AE86, Silvia) and chassis (TA05, TT01, TL01, TA03, MR-4TC Drift Package, D-Max, Pro 4, ProD, e10 and Sprint models).

Nitro RC Drift
Most popular is the HPI RTR Nitro RS4 3 Drift. Nitro powered (sometimes also called gas powered), these are the most realistic radio controlled cars you can buy.

How to RC Drift
Tutorial and tips on the various aspects of drifting (e.g. techniques, power drift, tuning and control).

RC Drift Parts
Package light, tires, wheels, body, smoke, accessories, motors, decals and more.

RC Drift for Sale
Where to buy cheap rc drifting cars for sale from popular online stores.

Radio Control Drift Resources
Links to other popular websites and forums.

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RC Drift Cars - Drifting, Pictures, For Sale
RC drifting car pictures, how-to, best chassis guide, parts and rc drift cars for sale.

RC Drift Cars for Sale
Where to buy cheap rc drifting cars for sale at popular online stores.


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