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Best RC Drift Cars from Tamiya, HPI and Yokomo

Here are in my opinion the best rc drifts cars that are also cheap and can be bought from your local hobby shop or online stores.

Tamiya RC Drift

I am a big fan of Tamiya due to their realistic looking bodies and chassis. Their manual is one of the best and they produce cars for beginners as well as experienced racers. Their TA03 chassis is considered by many the best rc drift car by design.

Tamiya's main model lineup is the TT-01D and TB03D Drift Spec chassis with bodies such as Mazda RX-7, Nismo Silvia, Nissan GT-R, BMW M3 E20 Sport Evo, Lexus GS400, Skyline R32 GTR, Nismo R34 GT-R, and Toyota Supra.

Tamiya R/C Drift Cars

Photo credit: Tamiyausa.com

TT-01D Specs: Double wishbone suspension; 4wd shaft driven bathtub chassis; cva damper shocks; Sport Tuned motor; ball bearings; aluminum heat sink; adjustable upper arm; Type D drift tire; 26mm wheels.

You can buy the TT01D kit version for around $199 USD and the full RTR version at around $250.

TB03D Tamiya R/C Drift Car

Pictured: 1/10 Tamiya TB03D Drift Spec Chassis.

TB03D Specs: shaft driven 4wd; 18 spoke black metal plated wheels; Super Driftech tires; mirror; wiper; intercooler; exhaust; brake disk wheel hub; short reversible suspension.

The TB03D is a chassis kit and you would need to buy the body,motor, esc, radio, servo, battery and charger separately. Estimated selling price of the TB-03D is around $189 USD. This is a much better car than the TT01D.

HPI RC Drift

New from HPI Racing is the 1/10 electric Sprint 2 Drift and the RTR Nitro RS4 3 Drift. The Sprint 2 can be bought with a Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 or a Nissan 350Z Greddy body.

HPI R/C Drift

HPI RC Drift Cars

Photo credit: HPIRacing.com

Specs: Chrome plated wheels; hard compound Type A drift tires; foam bumper; adjustable body posts; turnbuckles; ball bearings; oil-filled shock absorbers; nylon main chassis; droop screws; bellcrank steering.

The Sprint 2 Drift Assembled RTR is around $250 USD.

Yokomo RC Drift

Newest is the 1/10 D-Max kit from Yokomo. Also choose from the 1/16 Ichiroku M or the 1/10 MR-4TC Drift Package. Yokomo also has one of the largest choices of drifting bodies such as the RX-7 FD3S, Supra, Cusco Impreza, HKS Altezza, Top Secret S15 Silvia, APEX FD3S, Nissan 180SX and Toyota AE86 Trueno.

Yokomo RC Drift

Photo credit: YokomoUSA.com

Popular in Japan but difficult to find and buy in other countries. But well worth it if you can buy a Yokomo. The 1/16 Ichiroku M RTR is around $195 while the Drift Package kit is approximately $220 USD.

Let's have fun drifting sideways!

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