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R/C Drift Parts

Part of the fun is customizing your ride with various radio control drift parts, package and accessories such as tires, wheels, bodies, lights, motors, smoke and decals.

RC Drift Tires

RC Drift Tires

Comes in 24 - 26mm widths and are typically made of hard resin or rubber. Popular are the Tamiya Super Driftech and HPI Type-T. We now have lots of drift tyres to choose from with different levels of slip and grip. More info about rc drift tires.

RC Drift Wheels

These are the most popular drift parts. Typical size are 52mm diameter and 24 - 26mm width. Major brands are Blade Racing, HPI, Kawada, RC Art, RIDE, Speed Way Pal, Speedworks Japan, Square, Street Jam, Surging, Tamiya and Yokomo.

RC Drift Bodies

Popular are the Mazda RX7, Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, Nissan 350Z, Toyota Trueno AE86 and Silvia. Choose from brands such as ABC Hobby, Active Hobby, Aoshima, HPI Racing, Speed Way Pal, Spice, Surging, Tamiya and Yokomo. R/C drift bodies for both regular 1/10 scale and M-size (mini) chassis.

RC Drift Lights, LED, Lightbuckets

Add realism with LED lights, Light Unit and lightbuckets. There are also Patrol Car lights and blinking sets to add variety. You can buy ABC Hobby, Active Hobby, HPI Racing, Tamiya and Yokomo.

RC Drift Wings

Add looks and performance to your drifter with custom looking rc drift wings from Active Hobby, Speed Way Pal, Tamiya and Yokomo.

RC Drift Motors

Popular now are brushless electric motors. You can use regular racing motors as long as you use proper gearing and do not overheat. There are also companies producing drift specific motors such as the Novak 6.5T (5,700Kv, 370 watts) and the LRP Ultimo Drift Type 1 Combo Esc/Motor. There are also drift specific brushed motors like the Yokomo 15T and 19T drift motors. RC drift motors list and est selling price.

Let's have fun driving sideways!

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