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We have come a long way since the time of ABS/PVC homemade tires. The Tamiya Super Driftech and HPI T-Drift are very popular. Good drift control and very long lasting. Should be good with 19T - 23T brushed or 6.5T - 13.5T brushless motors. You will get your money's worth.

Tamiya Super Driftech 24mm - Fits on a 26mm wheel. Good drift balance and control even at slow speeds. According to Tamiya, designed for drifting on carpet and asphalt. Slightly more grip than the HPI T-Drift and very long lasting.

R/C Drift Tires

Photo: Tamiya Super Driftech Tires (24mm) and Tamiya 5-spoke wheels (26mm).

HPI T-DRIFT TIRE 26mm - "A slick, super hard, plastic-type drifting tire for easy sideways action and long tire life!" Good drift control.

HPI Super Drift Tire 26mm Radial (A Type) - Grippy, less control. Good for high powered cars and high speed drifting. Probably better suited for nitro drift cars.

ABS - In the early days, these were very popular. Black ABS pipes were cut and used as drift tires. Very slippery and usually slow drifts compared to the newer and grippier tires.

Other Popular Drift Tyres - Active Hobby Envi, Blade Racing hard/soft/tapered, Drift King, Ride Type H/S, Street Jam Medium/Hard.

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