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Introduction to RC Drifting

Hi, my name is Joel. I put up this website to share with you the fun I get from drifting rc cars. Hope you find this site to be a useful resource to help you choose and buy your rc drift car.

R/C Drifting

Quickly I'm 38 years old and started with remote control cars at 8 years old. Yes I've been in this hobby for a very long time and still enjoy it every day! I have two kids, the eldest is 9 and sometimes she joins me in racing. My garage r/c track allows me to drift every day for fun.

Drifting RC Cars

Back in 2004 I wanted to drift and simply decided to put some home made drift tires on my Tamiya TL01 and try it out. Worked well and this gave me a taste of how fun it is to drift.

Tamiya TL01 R/C Drift Car

Photo: Tamiya TL01 with home made drift tires.

Please note I am also the author of www.rccartips.com. So don't worry about it, that is my car and picture.

At this time I was a very huge fan of the Initial D anime series. Luckily I found a Toyota Trueno AE86 body made by ABC Hobby. On it went on my touring car.

Toyota Trueno AE86 Drifting

Photo: ABC Hobby 1/10 scale Toyota Trueno AE86 r/c car body.

I liked this body but wanted more realism and a true 1/10 scale replica of the AE86 drift car of Intial D. Fortunately I found a red toy body from JADA which I customized and painted to replicate the look I wanted.

Toyota AE86 rc body by Jada

Picture: The red JADA Toyota AE86 body was cut, sanded, moldedand painted with the Panda Trueno paint scheme of Initial D.

At this time I mounted the body on a 1/10 Tamiya M04 m-chassis car. It is rwd and really simulated a rwd drift.

Initial D rc car on mini chassis. 

Picture: The finished product. Initial D AE86 Trueno body on a mini chassis.

However in rc drifting competition, chassis is usually 4wd which is easier to drift than 2wd. So I took a Tamiya TL01 chassis, cut it short and mounted shorter suspension arms. Here is a short YouTube video of my rc drifting AE86. This car can now compete in the mini rc drift class.

And now my latest project. This is a Tamiya Mitsubishi EVO X body mounted on a Tamiya 414 chassis converted to do rc drifting duties. Here are photos and tips on how I made this rc drift car.

R/C Drifting EVO X

Photo: 1/10 electric Mitsubishi EVO X rc car setup for drifting.

And while drifting on your own is fun, joining an rc drift race can add more excitement.

RC drift racing and competition

Photo: Hundreds of people watching an rc drift race inside a mall.

So please feel free to browse the rest of this site. Whether you want to buy a ready to run (rtr) model or convert your existing car, I've put information that might help you out.

Any by no means am I an expert at drifting (just a hobbyist who loves to drift). You can find lot's of useful information in drift forums.

Let's have fun driving sideways!

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